We've made it to Makalu: hellos and goodbyes

Posted on 06 Apr 2018

We finally made it to the Makalu Everest region of our journey. We have the pleasure of being joined by three more travellers for this section of the Great Himalaya Trail.

Jim, Mick, and Steve will be crossing the high passes with us and lending an even more international flare to the group as they come from the United States, Australia (Tasmania), and Britain respectively.

Jim, Mick and SteveWelcome to the group gentlemen!

With regrets though, we said goodbye to some of our team for the last five weeks as they head back to join other adventure groups during the busy spring climbing and trekking season.

Our porters are big

... but they're not big in stature. If you’re picturing someone that lifts weights and has the muscles to carry big loads you’d be wrong.


The “typical” porter on our trek is late teens or early twenties, stands about 5’6” (167 cm), weighs in at a whopping 145 pounds (66 kg) and is carrying around 66 pounds (30 kg). Of course, that’s not being carried backpack style but with a strap around the bundle and up over the top of the head.

What we’ve come to know about our porters and kitchen team:

•  They carry huge loads  food, tents, cooking gear, climbing gear and our excess baggage.

•  They have big appetites  heaping plates of dal-bat and wherever else is available.

•  They have a big sense of humor  there is an ongoing banter and laughter most anytime a group gets together.

•  They have big hearts – when the going gets tough they hang together to get through it. 


Once again, these guys are great.

We've also had a chance to access the blog comments and send out a big thanks for all the kind words and good wishes.

We’re doing well, miss our loved ones, and send our love to you. There will be another post shortly to talk more about the trail. 

All the best,

Ken, Ricardo, Vince and Tsering.

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