The latest news from Stage 5

of the Great Himalaya Trail

Gear favourites: our top picks

12 Jun 2018

We’re over 100 days into our adventure now and it feels like we’ve had enough time to sort out what’s working well for us and what we’re happy we brought along.Vince’s picksI’m going to leave out my Nikon D7200 that I shoot most of my photos with because that’s a give...

Over 100 days on the trail: Manang Valley

12 Jun 2018

Dust lingers in the air and gradually settles onto the pines, the road and into my hair and eyes. The car that drove by honked to let me know it was coming but the speed remained the same, fast for a bumpy, dusty mountain road. What once was the Annapurna Circuit Trail in many places is now a road.The wal...

Deep gorges and Tibetan influences

05 Jun 2018

For the past couple of days we trekked up the Buri Gandakhi river and it has been a beautiful, gradual climb up toward the mountains and passes of the Manaslu and Annapurna region.There is a different feel to this part of Nepal with an influence of Tibet in the building architecture, the facial features of th...

Fun animal encounters on the trail

28 May 2018

Sweat has soaked through my shirt and most of my shorts as I reach the crest of the ridge. The forest is blanketed with fog and there’s a breeze funneling through the gap which the trail runs through; so even though I’m hot, I throw on a jacket while I wait for our crew to regroup after the climb....

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