The latest news from Stage 4

of the Great Himalaya Trail

Day 89: On our way to Stage 5 with plenty of sun, rain, beer and pass crossings

26 May 2017

Kashigaun 1950mThe following morning we left our camp at Gatlang and headed uphill for 775 metres through woodland to cross a nearby ridge. Lunch was taken a couple of hundred metres from the top of the ridge in a warm valley by a stream.The descent down the other side of the pass took us along a winding dirt...

Day 84: Walking through the lower Langtang and seeing the damages of the 2015 earthquakes

21 May 2017

Gatlang 2238m.From Kyangjin Gompa we continued to descend the Langtang Valley along improving footpaths.By late morning we approached Lower Langtang where the whole village and a nearby army post were wiped out when the 2015 earthquake caused a glacial lake to burst high above the village and washed millions...

Day 81: A physically and mentally hard day crossing over Tilman Pass (5308m)

17 May 2017

Kyangjin Gumba 3830mFollowing an exquisite birthday cake event we awoke to a sunny morning and departed our camp at Tin Pokhari (apparently the Lakes had drained following the earthquake, so it wasn't a visibility issue).We climbed a ridge then descended again, a profile that was repeated several times in the...

Day 78: Halfway cake celebration and welcome to the GHT Stage 4 trekkers

15 May 2017

Tin Pokhari (Three Lakes) 4255mThe next morning we struck camp and it appears took on board several stowaways that were only discovered on subsequent mornings in Matt's tent to the cry of "flipping leeches" - or something like that.We left the site, traversed back through the forest to the uphill path and fol...

Day 74: Meet our new team member - Curly the Tibetan Mastiff

10 May 2017

Kharka Camp 2782mOn our departure from Bagam it appeared we had gained a "camp follower"...a slightly timid Tibetan Mastiff that was being fed a few scraps by our kitchen crew and consequently thought he'd found a meal ticket and good company to tag along with. After discussing a few potential names we settle...

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