The latest news from Stage 4

of the Great Himalaya Trail

We did it: Langtang traverse

22 May 2018

In front of me is warm apple pie, a hot drink and the warmth of a stove burning yak dung as fog drifts by outside the windows. After many days in the high mountains with only tents, it’s a welcome oasis.Next to me, Steve stares in wonder at the workers outside rebuilding the small village of Kyanjin Gom...

Day 76: Together again

21 May 2018

We’ve arrived at Panch Pokhari (Five Lakes) and the two groups doing the Tilman Pass/Langtang section have been reunited; Steve and Vince as clients, and the full compliment of guides, porters and cook staff are altogether. We took slightly different routes to get here so Vince could stay on the GH...

Back on the trail

09 May 2018

Kathmandu was a welcome rest. Although the city was its usual hectic self, the weather was fine and the air quality was good, but most of all, the showers and food were wonderful. The sad news is that Ken was not feeling well and though he has recovered for the most part on doctors advice he is going to take...

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