The latest news from Stage 3

of the Great Himalaya Trail

Rain, hail and shine: Tashi Labsta Pass

30 Apr 2018

We’ve crossed our last big pass before a break coming up in Kathmandu. The Tashi Labsta pass is a seldom travelled pass that requires mountaineering gear to safely cross.Once over the pass it’s a steady plunge from the high elevation down through the rhododendron forest and villages below. It take...

Moving on: Pachermo Cave Camp

26 Apr 2018

We are down to two; Ken and Vince. The Makalu/Everest group has headed for home and we are missing them. We had a good rest day in Thame and caught up on battery charging, washing, internet and rest, and we’re now back on the trail. Though, we’re counting the days until Kathmandu already. Fro...

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