The latest news from Stage 1

of the Great Himalaya Trail

Day 8: Finally putting one foot in front of another

07 Mar 2017

Stage 1: Kanchenjunga Exploratory at Mitlung 996mtr. 2 March 2017Hi all from all on stage one of this year's GHT, Kamchenjunga, three Brits and two Catalans.In the previous two days we've travelled from the hectic and dusty Kathmandu, to our start point at Taplejung. The journey commenced with a short flight...

The First Steps of Many: Meet the Three Full GHT Trekkers

24 Feb 2017

Three trekkers are set to embark next week on the awe-inspiring journey across Nepal, trekking along the world’s tallest mountain range for 1700km over 152 days.The unlikely, yet like-minded, threesome will take their first steps into the wild on 26 February 2017. Ian (Leeds, United Kingdom), Martin (Vi...

Join the GHT in 2017! Watch our new video for a taste of what to expect

03 Jan 2017

Will you be part of something extraordinary in 2017?Join any of the seven stages of the Nepal section of the GHT (ranging from 18-34 days) or attempt the full traverse (152 days) from KAnchenjunga in the east to the Yari Valley in the west.This is an opportunity to experience some of the least visited, most e...

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