The latest news from Stage 1

of the Great Himalaya Trail

Breaking through: from snow to clear skies

05 Apr 2019

You'll be reading this post hoc, but today, March 23, we are enjoying a welcome rest day as we write from our campsite in Chyamtang.Breaking through a snowstorm, we are especially grateful for these benign conditions – soaking in the warmth and thick air here at 2200 metres – knowing that we won&r...

From Olangchung Gola

04 Apr 2019

This update will be posted belatedly because one part of our communication system has failed. Of all things, the iPad refuses to function without connecting to the internet to update its system, yet here we are in one of the remotest corners of Nepal with 28 days to go until we next have access to Wi-Fi, haha...

A quick update from the trail

29 Mar 2019

They don't call the Great Himalaya Trail one of the world’s most epic treks for nothing. The challenging conditions on the GHT took its toll on our iPad, which unfortunately croaked en route to Lumbha Sambha.Despite this, all trekkers are powering through and, each to their own, are doing well. The grou...

Greetings from Ghunsa

08 Mar 2019

Greetings from Ghunsa!We’re finally on the GHT High Route and enjoying our first rest day after six days of trekking. We started in Taplejung and since then have covered 70 kilometers, with approximately 4000 metres of ascent and 2500 metres of descent - true "Nepali flat”.The route has taken us f...

Meet the 2019 GHT trekkers

22 Feb 2019

Meet the adventurers taking on Nepal’s trekking ‘holy grail’ from February 25. For those who haven’t heard of the Great Himalaya Trail (GHT), which is exclusive to World Expeditions, it’s the world’s longest, highest and most diverse alpine walking track.The trail itself ca...

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