The latest news from Stage 1

of the Great Himalaya Trail

Day 15-20: Bliss and grind as we trek to Olangchung Gola

23 Mar 2018

The past four days have been moments of bliss interspersed with hours of grinding it out. We left Kangchenjunga heading west under brilliant blue skies and mountains in stereo surround. The day quickly turned to light snow then thicker fog and snow. We hiked bundled up, but were happy to be going do...

Day 14: Reaching Kanchenjunga Base Camp

13 Mar 2018

“Kanchenjunga” – the name rolls off the Nepali tongue with a musical ring. From my western mouth it comes out in chunks lucky to make myself understood.It’s from the Tibetan language meaning, 'tall mountain, five sisters' for the five summits grouped together. At 8,540 m...

Heartwarming moments from over the week

09 Mar 2018

We have a rest day today and thought it would be a good opportunity to share moments along the way that made us smile. We’ve tried to capture and share some of the little things that we've noticed along the trail that warmed our heart, amazed us or gave us a bit of a laugh. Here’s a short lis...

Day 8: Crossing the suspension bridge outside Sukathum

06 Mar 2018

The river was the star of the show today. Cascading over huge boulders like liquid blue sky turning to white froth as it crashed down mountain stair steps. The sound generates a never ending power of its own echoing through the canyon. It has been over a week since we arrived in Kathmandu and we've...

And they're off!

01 Mar 2018

They're ready to go! Our Great Himalaya Trail trekkers have touched down in Kathmandu and are excited to start their trek into the lower sections of the Kanchenjunga region.Ken, Ricardo, Vince and their guide leader Tsering took a quick photo outside their hotel before heading to a short briefing an...

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