Heartwarming moments from over the week

Posted on 09 Mar 2018

We have a rest day today and thought it would be a good opportunity to share moments along the way that made us smile. 

We’ve tried to capture and share some of the little things that we've noticed along the trail that warmed our heart, amazed us or gave us a bit of a laugh. Here’s a short list from our first week:

• Goats riding on top of the bus  actually goats almost any time.

• Little kids making windmill propellers out of leaves.

• The crowing competition between two roosters outside my tent.

• Thunder echoing through the mountains while having afternoon tea.

• Three kids sitting at the end of a suspension bridge greeting everyone with “namaste”.

• Coming out of the dinner tent to find a sky full of stars that were so bright they didn't look real.

• Walking into a yak pasture that hasn’t awakened yet with traditional wooden homes and shingle roofs held down by stones. It was surrounded by peaks with new snow from the past nights storms.

• Seeing the ancient adelicate artwork in the Ghunsa monastery.

Though, a stand out was the simple image we took along the trail (pictured above). We're guessing that the young boy is around seven or eight-years-old, sitting on a rock banging a stick at nothing in particular, just the rock. A single strand of prayer flags fluttered over head in the light breeze and I don’t think he even noticed the canyon ahead of him or the towering mountains with a dusting of new snow. This was just home to him, nothing special. A good place to sit and watch the traffic on the trail.

It feels like we’re in the mountains now. The villages are small, the road has been left behind, the air is more crisp and the high mountains are beginning to show themselves with small glimpses. 

Everything is fine in the land of Himalayan dreams.

Also, Ken sent through a special message to his dearest mother: "Happy 87th birthday, mum. Thinking of you. Lots of love. Ken."

Happy birthday Ken's mum!


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