Day 95: A teenager joins our group as we officially begin Stage 5

Posted on 31 May 2017

We struck camp in the school grounds around the usual timetable, and walked through the village to round the first of several ridges, whilst this path was well made it was the usual "Nepali flat" with any descents being matched by seemingly greater uphill.

We followed this path at a brisk route match pace set by our Sherpa who appeared to be focussed on making it home after a couple of stages of the GHT.

After a few hours we reached a small village high on the hillside Bradley affected by the recent earthquake then headed down around 800m of descent on recently laid steps, these took as much mental energy as physical where every footstep had to be planned a metre or two ahead. The last section of this was loose rock and dirt down to the bridge that led us into Khola Bhesi where the camp was to be located and we would meet our new friends for Stage 5 and beyond.

After the descent in the hot morning sun we adjourned to the small river and cooled down, bathed and did our laundry simultaneously.

It was virtually 5pm by the time that Lydia and Urda arrived with the trek crew due to footpath works down the valley and we all enjoyed a celebratory meal to mark two thirds of the GHT completed.

We have now spent four days working our way up the valley towards Manaslu, the valley has been stunning with its sheer rock faces, thundering river, vertical waterfalls, pine forests, alpine pastures and villages with clear Tibetan heritage. Today has been an acclimatisation day at Sama Gaon at approx 3500m with much laundry and solar charging achieved before the clouds came down and light rain set in. A couple more days trekking to the base camp for the crossing of Larke La are ahead of us now.

The dynamics of the group has changed since the arrival of a teenager to the group. My daughter Lydia is no different. Morning wake up calls are not what teenagers are famous for, and Lydia is no different. The other challenges faced during the trek is the constant, Dad I'm hungry, Dad can I use your water bottles as I drunk all mine, and Dad I'm tired, are we near the camp yet. After three months trekking the GHT it is music to my ears when someone shouts out Dad, have you got any more of those treats in your rucksack, and the constant chatter along the way.

Fun times ahead as we continue on this amazing journey. Onwards and upwards as the saying goes.

Martin Watt, Lydia Watt, Matt Gibson, Ian, Brian, Udra, Bikash

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