Day 89: On our way to Stage 5 with plenty of sun, rain, beer and pass crossings

Posted on 26 May 2017

Kashigaun 1950m

The following morning we left our camp at Gatlang and headed uphill for 775 metres through woodland to cross a nearby ridge. Lunch was taken a couple of hundred metres from the top of the ridge in a warm valley by a stream.

The descent down the other side of the pass took us along a winding dirt road and past a large diameter hydro power pipeline under construction that attracted Ian's interest and we made it to the campsite on a terrace by a lodge just before the rain hit.

Nauban Camping in the early morningThe good news for us was the use of a indoor dinning area and wood stove, not to mention the beer which just happened to come our way.

The next morning we leave the Somdang valley and head to Tipling. The path takes us up a winding dirt road (under construction near the top) through the pine forest for around 2 hours before we leave the road and start to follow a very steep path until we cross the ridge then follow the path through alpine pastures reaching the Pangsang Pass at 3850 metres.

We descend down the winding path for a couple of hundred metres until we find a pleasant lunch spot. After lunch another 1700 metre descent which was a pain on the legs as we march through the rhododendron trees.

We settle at our campsite after a tough descent of 3 hours and make camp in the grounds of a monastery.

The next morning we head off to Lapagaon School but the weather is a scorcher, around 35 degrees in the full sun and the climb of around 475 metres was tough and sweaty. After lunch another down hill descent followed by another uphill climb in very hot temperatures. We camp just below Lapa village.

The following morning is much the same. Another hot morning followed by another climb of around 800 metres. We have 2 passes to climb over today. We wind our way through the forest until we have a well earned rest for lunch, before climbing up and down until we finally reach the second pass of the day before descending down to our campsite at Nauban Kharka and making friends with all the farm animals and the heavy rain whilst our tents were erected.

Kids playing at Lapa VillageThat evening one of the goats was acquired from the local herders and made for a tasty dinner for us and the crew (apologies to any vegetarians!).

The following morning we struck camp and descended 800m or so through rhododendron forest to a suspension bridge then faced a 400m ascent up a steep path to our lunch spot in Yarsa Danda from which we contoured around several ridges to our campsite in the Kashigaon school grounds a couple of hours before school finished, much to the amusement and interest of the schoolchildren. We expressed our gratitude to out trek crew in the usual way before dinner and had a drink to celebrate the forthcoming 2/3rds way through the GHT (well any excuse will do at these low altitudes).

There was an influx of flies invading the dining tent whilst we tried to enjoy our drink, Ian soon sorted them out!! Only one day trekking now before we meet up with our Stage 5 friends and another trek crew, one of which is Martin's daughter.

Ian, Brian, Matt, Martin & T Leader Juddha Rai.

Breakfast Time

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