Day 8: Crossing the suspension bridge outside Sukathum

Posted on 06 Mar 2018

The river was the star of the show today. Cascading over huge boulders like liquid blue sky turning to white froth as it crashed down mountain stair steps. The sound generates a never ending power of its own echoing through the canyon. 

It has been over a week since we arrived in Kathmandu and we've entered the intial stages of the Kanchenjunga Exploratory. We have ascended and descended along trails from Chiruwa to Sukathum, however our approach to Amjilosa is proving to be a slight challenge.

Whole mountainsides slide down to try and block the flow only to become part of the waters staircase.

People have built bridges to cross over but these are clearly temporary structures as many have been abandoned and replaced. The river will win in the end. 

We started climbing today and eventually left the river behind as we zigzagged up the canyon wall.

Tonight the thunder showers have returned and the air and dry ground are getting another needed cleansing.

The trekking has been great. We are all doing well, and everyone says hi to loved ones and friends.

We are getting into a routine and enjoying the days.

We'll catch up soon on our next post.

Ken, Vince, Ricardo and Tsering.

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