Day 78: Halfway cake celebration and welcome to the GHT Stage 4 trekkers

Posted on 15 May 2017

Tin Pokhari (Three Lakes) 4255m

The next morning we struck camp and it appears took on board several stowaways that were only discovered on subsequent mornings in Matt's tent to the cry of "flipping leeches" - or something like that.

Group heading Intermediate camp above Panch PokhariWe left the site, traversed back through the forest to the uphill path and followed this to a small Kharka with a shelter where lunch was prepared and eaten alfresco. The early sun was soon obscured by the mist rolling up the hillside and we were not treated to any views.

We continued to ascend through the treeline over a ridge and into a bowl where it was necessary to pick the correct pass to exit it, a brief break in the mist revealed the necessary detail and we ascended that and several more ridges through scenery reminiscent of the English Lakes until we finally crossed one where we were greeted with a panorama of Panch Pokhari and our campsite where we were reunited our fellow Stage 4 Trekkers - Stephen, George and Brian.

We arrived at the site, were greeted by our colleagues and retreated to our tents until tea and biccies time when we caught up with our separate routes and experiences.

Beautiful camping at Tin PokhariThe following day was a rest/acclimatisation day and a brief glimpse of sun during the rope work training session tricked us into a brief laundry session, then the mist and rain returned. In the evening were all treated to the cook's amazing "birthday" cake to celebrate Day 75 (half way) of the GHT (see photo).

We have now arrived at Tin Pokhari (three lakes - haven't seen them yet for the mist), we're two days away from the Tilman Pass after a series of ridge crossings and an apparent pattern of weather is developing which gives us clear skies overnight a brief glimpse of early morning sun, then the mist rolls in and by 14:00hrs it starts to rain when an afternoon nap is taken to escape the weather.

Ian, Goerge, Martin, Brian, Matt, Stephen & TLs. Bikash/Juddha Rai.

Panch Pokhari - Five Lakes

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