Day 59: Farewell to Martin and Ian while Matt continues to Stage 3

Posted on 25 Apr 2017

Namche 3440m 20 April 2017 - end of Stage 2

So after a long night in town for some, we wake up to a beautiful morning and some beautiful sights. No I don't mean the vistas of the surrounding hills or the town set below our permanent campsite, it's more about seeing certain members of the group looking fragile, hungover and wanting more sleep time of which they are not going to get.

We say goodbye to Matt who is going on with stage 3 and Martin and Ian are returning back to Kathmandu to get medical treatment, and are hoping to be back strong for section 4.

Matt, Ian, Dave, Martin & Trip Leaders. Balram/ Juddha Rai


Nagaun 4180m 25 April 2017 - Start of Stage 3

After saying our farewells at Namche a diminished team (Matt, Balram, Lakpa and crew) continued westwards for stage 3. We commenced with a short afternoon walk to Thame, were we had a rest day the following day as the loads where organised. The journey continued up towards Tesi Lapcha La, on the way passing through Thangbo on our way to camp below the pass. The night before the crossing was a windy one, with some snow, and another failed tent zip. The fifth zip on my third tent since starting stage 2. Thankfully Balram was able to fix it with some pliers and handiwork. 

The morning of our crossing saw the winds clear, sunshine return and a perfect day for crossing Tesi Lapcha La. We a arose at 5am ready for a long day. Two hours after setting off we reached the top to be rewarded with magnificent views down over the glacier and valley below. It was a further six hours down the other side before we made camp below the Trekarding glacier; tired but all staff, porters and crew safely on the other side.

Today we have started our trek down the Rowaling Valley, after 4 hours crossing boulders and moraine it is lovely to find ourselves on a clear path again. The coming days will see us continue down the valley to complete Stage 3, then to be reunited with Ian and Martin for some R&R in Kathmandu.

Matt TL Balram

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