Day 25: From Lumba Sumba to Chyamtang

Posted on 26 Mar 2018

We’ve spent the last seven days related to the passes Lumba Sumba. After leaving Ghunsa for the second time, we spent three days climbing up to pass camp to be in position to cross the passes.

Once over the passes, we spent three days getting down to Chyamtang for a rest day. While the ascending approach and descent days have plenty to offer in the way of rhododendron forests, frozen rivers, boulder hopping trails and countless breathtaking views, it’s the pass crossing which really stands out.

Here’s a recap of some of the random thoughts going through our minds as we traverse the double passes of Lumba and Sumba the highest point we’ve reached so far at around 5,150 metres/17,000 feet:

•  'What a fine day. The sun's hit our morning camp before it’s taken down. 700 metres to the top of the pass sounds very doable.'

  'Oh my, look at that ridge the porters are climbing. That’s where we’re going.'

  'Slowly, breath with each step.'

  Alternating thoughts of why are they going so slowly/quickly just depends on the moment.

  'Who picked this route? The terrain is impossible, I would have gone over there. (Of course, it’s all the same.)'

  'Wholly crap, look at those mountains they’re incredible.'

  'How do the porters and kitchen staff do that?'

  We've reached the first pass and I can see the second pass. 'It doesn’t look that far... I was wrong.'

•  'My sides hurt, and I can’t tell if it’s my body saying “more oxygen please” or “more fuel please” and burning some of the available supply. I hope it’s the latter.'

•  We've topped the second pass and I think, 'Makalu, I love you'. In the distance sticking out in the clear blue skies is our second 8,000 metres mountain Makalu. Behind us is our first Kanchenjunga. 'Amazing!'

It was a tough day but the rewards were worth it. Mountains, friends, yaks and perfect weather. Himalayan dreams are alive and well.


Meet Kali

Oh, and we’ve neglected to talk about the one female on the World Expeditions team, Kali. At the risk of being politically incorrect we’d say she’s very good looking long, black hair just beginning to grey around the edges and dark eyes to match.

We haven’t quite figured out her role on the team but everyone seems to love having her around. She doesn’t understand a word of English so she mostly hangs out with the porters and kitchen staff but once in a while she comes by to say hello.

Kali also loves to dance and run around for no particular reason. We hate to say it, but she's a way better dancer than any of the guys. And run!? That girl can run. We saw her chase a crow running over a rock field for at least 200 meters – and that was at elevation.


Well, that’s it for now. We’re all doing well, despite the minor slips and falls that come with the terrain and trail conditions of trekking across Nepal.

Wondering what’s happening in the world and hoping the best for all our friends and loved ones.

Ken, Ricardo, Vince and Tsering


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