Day 150: Our last night in the mountains

Posted on 25 Jul 2017

We write from a rainy Simikot on our last night in the mountains, praying for clear skies and a flight tomorrow.

The return from camp down to Simikot involved two long days of 35km and 28km, before a final half day today.

The first two days were something of a route march, motivated by the need to get back to Simikot as quickly as possible to gain ourselves a contingency day for the flight to Nepalgung. We camped the first night at Yalbang in the school grounds with the light afternoon rain turning heavy as we needed to set up camp. It was also the return of some of the gastric issues either helped along by a tough day or bodies realising we'd hit our target and they could "relax" a little from fighting bugs.

Next morning the sun was shining and we retraced our steps past the river camp, up a stiff 250m climb, onto the track and down to Dharapuri.

The final half day was a steady path along the valley side then another unrelenting 800m climb in what felt like 100% humidity to the track leading down to Simikot with views of the town and the airstrip that we hope will set us off on our journey to Kathmandu in the morning.

The enormity of what we have achieved and witnessed still hasn't really sunk in but I'm sure with the many stories, photos and experiences that we will be sharing back home there will be a fuller realisation in time.

Our 5 month adventure across Nepal has come to an end, and we'd like to thank all those who joined us at various stages on the trail. Jordie and Campru (stages 1,2) congrats to Campru who has now completed the full traverse; Greg, Emma, Rick, Rod and Doctor Dave (stage 2), Steve, George (stage 4), Brian (stages 4,5,6), Lydia (stage 5), Odder (stages 5,6), Naomi, Fedora, Adrien (stage 6), and Martin (stages 1,2,4,5,6). Congratulations to you all and ours thanks for keeping us going.

We cannot sign off without massive thanks to all the staff who have helped us across Nepal, our guides Juddha, Balram, Kirit, and Bikash; cooks Chandra, Rajan and Babu Rai; the various Sherpas, Tsering, Jitman, Nwoang to name but a few, and of course the numerous porters along the way. A special thanks to Lakpa Sherpa who has been with us from start to finish, completing his 6th traverse of the GHT!!

Without the local crews the adventure would not have been possible, they have gone above and beyond to make our journey as pleasurable, safe, and enjoyable as possible. 

From the 2017 GHT crew, au revoir until next year perhaps.............

Ian, Matt and Bikash

Image: Matt and Ian in high spirits at the top of the final pass (Nara-La) before the descent into Hilsa on the big day.

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