Day 11: Puja Ceremony at Ghunsa, SNOW and some Happy Birthday messages for home

Posted on 08 Mar 2017

At Ghunsa 3595m. 8 March 2017

Since our last post at Amjilosa we have ascended higher through Gyabla and on to Ghunsa, where we arrived yesterday afternoon.

Thankfully the rain has passed, in a way, as at 3595m the temperature has dropped and turned rain to snow. This morning after overnight temps of -8C we awoke to a chilly start to our first rest day. Thankfully we have use of a dining room here, complete with a stove for heating and affording us a shield from any chilly winds.

After the sun had risen enough to hit our campsite a Puja was held, led by Tsering, asking blessings for good weather, health, and a successful journey westwards.

Tomorrow we continue towards Kanchenjunga base camp and the true start point of the GHT, still 3 days walk away. We are all in good spirits and health, and getting used to the daily cycle of life on the GHT with World Expeditions.

Our porters, cook staff, and guides continue to work extremely hard and we cannot give them enough thanks and praise. Till next time, onwards and upwards!!!

Happy Birthday Emily Watt sorry I could not text as our phones are out of range. Love Dad.

Happy ?0th Birthday Dawn, no phone signal here to speak in person, will catch up when we have signal. Love Ian xxx

From Campru & Jordi: 

Ella es diu Name Butik es una dona Tibetana que gestiona un Camp Site + un foc que sempre crema en la seva cuina plena de pots diversos I de fum. Te 60 anys I en fa 25 va travessar la frontera per un coll de 5650 metres just entre Tibet I Sikkim, te els seus fills repartits entre KTM i SAUDI...Es un clar exemple d'una situacio normal en aquestes muntanyes. Ara neva i al costat de l'estufa es porta molt millor, es pero a les nits entre pipi I pipi quan ho veiem tot mes clar...dema seguim amunt, mentrestant potser al mon han passat coses importants pero segur que res es tant important com tenir a ma merda de Yack per mantenir l'estufa calenta. Tot just una setmana que caminem i encara ens resten tres nits per arribar al Kanchenjunga. Ara neva i tot es silenci, nomes trencat pels porters i cuiners que preparen el sopar. Confiem que les pregaries de la Puja que hem celebrat aquest mati possin del nostre costat els deus I deeses del Himalaya.

Ian, Campru, Matt, Jordi, Martin & T Leader Juddha Rai.

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